NBA - Coming Games and Preditions (2017-2018)

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April 23  Houston Rocketsat Minnesota Timberwolves   115-104 W Scouting 
April 23  Oklahoma City Thunderat Utah Jazz   103-104 L Scouting 
April 24  Miami Heatat Philadelphia 76ers   110-109 W Scouting 
April 24  Milwaukee Bucksat Boston Celtics   106-102 W Scouting 
April 24  San Antonio Spursat Golden State Warriors   112-110 W Scouting 
April 25  Washington Wizardsat Toronto Raptors   109-110 L Scouting 
April 25  Utah Jazzat Oklahoma City Thunder   110-96 W Scouting 
April 25  Minnesota Timberwolvesat Houston Rockets   113-112 W Scouting 
April 25  Indiana Pacersat Cleveland Cavaliers   107-101 W Scouting 
April 26  Boston Celticsat Milwaukee Bucks   108-100 W Scouting 

April 26  Golden State Warriorsat San Antonio Spurs   114-103 W Scouting 
April 26  Philadelphia 76ersat Miami Heat   115-103 W Scouting 

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