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The MVC should get 4 but:
2006-1-23 7:27:42 Post by cowboy_todd_25
It will all come down to the Bracket Buster. I believe that Wichita State and Northern Iowa and Southern Illionois are shoe ins. However, i do believe that if Creighton can win the bracket Buster they will also be in. Without Nate Funk though, I don't believe the Comittee will give the Blue Jays an invite.

If the Big East gets 6 ( Villinova, Georgetown,Conneticut, Pittsburg, West Virgina, and Syracuse) like i believe they will, that will leave creighton looking in. Especially if Marquette and Cincy finish of strong. That could give the Big East 8. Doubt it will happen but you never know.

The MVC will get three i believe.


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