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Re:RPI jumped after the win
2008-12-14 19:4:10 Post by ritch
UK won't amount to crap. BG needs to get his head out of his ass and play the best 5 players and use good judgement in who the back ups are. The Porter issue is garbage. Porter should be a 5-8 minute guy as a SG. Liggins should run the point. As a coach you need to play the best 5. Everyone knows Porter shouldn't be there and it's BG giving the kid a bad rep and getting him booed. Hell, even Porter knows. BG has a major stubborness to him and he'll realize UK fans are bigger than he is and his ass will be out of here in a couple of years if he keeps this Mark Coury, Mike Porter thing going. Who will it be next year?
BG didn't have the exp. as a head coach, to come here to the BIG BLUE. I don't care how much he recruits and how good he is at it you need coaching ability to progress the recruits you have. Talent alone will get you only so far.


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