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Mid Major rankings
2006-12-20 18:38:41 Post by jeff
Why is Bucknell not on the mid major ranking and receives 34 votes, when at the same time Army, who is also not on the top 25 mid major rankings, receives 74 votes. Has anyone looked at the teams Army has played thus far and compared them to the teams Bucknell has played? There is no comparison. Bucknell's schedule is much more difficult than Army's. There is absolutely no way Army should have received 74 votes, while Bucknell has only received 34. I know that all ranking systems are subjective and no ranking system is perfect, but come on people--this is ridiculous. Bucknell is not as good a team this year as it was last year, but they are certainly a better team than Army. Go Bison. Let's here from some Army fans.


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