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2010-2-13 11:27:50 Post by zcase
I agree. I'm a little younger, so I've been a lobo fan since the 90s. Watched some great teams under bliss that just couldn't get it done in the post season. Early on, I saw something different in this team. With youth you expect mistakes and for the team to tire a bit down the stretch. But after watching unm best lousiana tech by 29, my expectations for next year became very high, still expecting youth to cause issues this season. But after that game I told myself that, top to bottom, this may be the most talented lobo team I have ever seen. In the 21 games since that game vs lousiana tech, they have continued to do nothing but solidify that opinion. Yes, these guys are young, but they are also extremely talented at every position, and they are tough as nails. Throughout this current 8 game win streak, I have watched a team that fears absolutely nothing. Since before the season started they've been told that they were just too young and that this was a rebuilding year. They've been disrespected by teams from the power conferences even after they beat them. They have a chip on their shoulder. They know how good they are and that they deserve to be in the position they're in right now. Its been amazing. 22 out of 25 times, this team has simply been the hardest working team on the floor. They've been told over and over again that they're just not deep enough inside. Their response was to win games by dominating the glass and the paint. Teams painted a target on hobsons back early, and other guys stepped up. Now, you can't single out just one or two players, or someone else will kill you. As long as they stay healthy, this is going to be a VERY difficult team to knock off come tourney time.


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