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2010-2-28 14:59:27 Post by ROHOLOBO
Go to among many. What does it say for lil johns court attitude? Un-professional & un-sportsman like attitude, not worthy of the highlight! When is Rose and his CREW, or whatever they call them selves in MWC going to get it. Their confrence, their city and yes their state and what they stand for is being talked about everywere!! On ESPN and in every basketball living room in the southwest. Don't you Get It JT!! Grow up , play the game and be glad that your peers let you continue to BOO HOO and wine every court when not winning you go too!! Shame on you.. Your going to loose every ones pride in BYU cougar country come MWC championships... When you loose again & yes throw a tantrum like a teenage high school girl.JT has lost his chance at the NBA! And the chance to bring his school back to standers of ethics..Almost? Or has He?


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