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Re:dawgs keep rolling
2007-2-5 7:55:3 Post by danesch

Today's rankings aren't out yet, but we should, no doubt be ranked. If not, then it's politics. It's mostly a popularity contest anyway. But it's a popularity contest we need to start winning. If we want start having more and more of our games aired on ESPN we gotta be popular.

With that said... yes... we beat Butler, at Butler, we should launch!!! If we don't win... nothing hurt... it's an away game to a top seed.

If we can just hold serve... we'll have 21 wins! They can't deny us the dance with that... even if we lose in the first round at Arch Madness. But... if were to win both our conference and the tourney... HOLLY COW!!! ...I am dreaming right?!!


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