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Re:Creighton up 14 & N Iowa down 30, wow!
2007-1-22 10:35:37 Post by danesch
...yeah, why does a loss in our conference drop someone 30 points. I mean, Our conference is the fourth best there is. Well... that is until yesterday when the Big Ten bumped us by a wopping .oo1 of a point. That makes no sence.

The Missouri Valley has beaten:
Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, George Mason, Xavier, LSU, Syracuse, Butler, Purdue, yet we continue to drop in the RPI???

If we were 4th toughest going into conference play, then why do we drop if we're playing each other?

Southern Illinois, Missouri St., Northern Iowa, Creighton, Indiana St., and Bradley all belong in the top 30 at this time! 4 of these teams continuously get votes for top 25 each week. These 6 teams have the talent to beat ANYONE in the country!

Why are we the #5 conference now...
-Big Ten has maybe 4 good teams. Purdue, Michigan and Michigan St. lost to everyone tough.
-SEC have KY, AL, AR, and maybe TN if they stop being wishy washy. Most importantly, I don't drink the media cool-aide on FL and LSU. You can't ride on last year's schedule too much longer. I'll start thinking FL is tough when they play someone tough. They barely beat AR at home with the football team's championship homecoming pumping them up.
-ACC has 4 I believe. I don't think FSU is tough enough. They too have lost to most everyone that's tough. Their only two big wins are to Virginia Tech, and the god fearing FL. (ha ha)
-PAC-10... they're legit. Alot of strength there. Probably 6 great teams.

I guess, it all comes down to the strongest teams in our conference have to stop losing to the weakest teams in the conference. We do that and we're back on top. I hope.


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