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2007-1-11 11:53:38 Post by danesch
Man oh man... what a hard pill to swallow. We played them the way we wanted them too. Nice and slow, with great "D". We just didn't drive to the basket or draw any fouls. We needed to go to the line alot more than we did.

The last few games I'm noticing the same things happening... we don't draw enough fouls. Afraid to penetrate for fear of the charge. It's very common for us to not even be in the bonus with under 2:00 mins. of play left in the game. That type of play won't win against aggressive bigger programs. We gotta get this stuff in check by March.

In the first few minutes of play, I felt very confident that we outclassed them. It looked like it. Falker didn't have his game on either.

We need to have a RUN of wins for a while... starting with Mo St. this Sat. I'd like to see the next "7" games for sure. Then we go to Witchita St.

We gotta win at home. Playing Mo. St. and Ind. St. at their house is gonna be tough.

Coach Lowery,
We gotta get 'em at home for sure.
I want Mo. St. BAD!!!


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