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The GMU Patriots MUST win the CAA Tourny to advance to the NCAA's
2012-1-6 7:2:51 Post by joeksalemva
The loss of Coach L to Miami, the loss of Luke Hancock to Louisville, the BIG mistake by Andre Cornelius, and horrendous losses to Isaiah Thomas's Florida International and Florida Atlantic and a weak schedule for 2011 - 2012 (only four Top 100 opponents) doesn't bode well for the Patriots.... the Patriots must win the CAA Tourny to get in; but at least the win over ODU in Tidewater is a step in the right direction... Iím a little bothered by the fact that in a POST GAME press Conference the Seniors (Morrison, Cornelius & Pearson) talked about a regular season WIN against VCU in the Richmond Coliseum, being there NEXT big objective ... , but nobody mentioned GA State ... GA State is 3-0 in the CAA with an 11-3 overall record AND THAT is who they play NEXT; THAT IS THE NEXT IMPORTANT GAME ... NOT VCU! If Mason loses to GA ST this Saturday; then a win over VCU will have FAR LESS meaning ... What say YOU?


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