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Re:NCAA Seeding
2011-2-27 6:20:41 Post by jdog
For a 3 seed, they need to get into the top 12 in the RPI. The GTown win will help, but even a win against Depaul will hurt their strength of schedule, so they'll drop back down a bit. I'm guessing the Orange will have an RPI right around 16 before the BET - which puts them as either a 4 or 5 seed in the NCAAs.

I'm guessing they'll be a 5 seed in the BET. If so, that means a single bye, and a second round game against the winner of the 12/13 game (hopefully not the Hall!). Lose that, and they're looking at a 5/6 seed in the NCAAs, win, and they'll get either ND, Louisville or St. John's. A win against one of those teams will get them to a 4 in the NCAAs (lose, and they'll be a 5). Beating Pitt in the next round and then winning in the finals would get them a 3. I don't see any way they get a 2 in the NCAAs unless one of the teams in the top 8 really tank in their conference tourney.


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