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Dixie Dick hurts Pitt
2010-3-6 20:2:15 Post by
Tired of the southern power conferences hurting the BE and particularly Pitt. It appears that the ACC is trying very hard to undermine the credibility of the NCAA by toying with the seeding of our teams and thus ensuring that the best BE teams meet in elite 8 as opposed to in final four or finals. The games that are played can usually be explained as geographical or some other nonsense but I wonder if Duke and NC if in top 10 would ever be placed for an elite 8 match up? Tired of media looking the other way to keep the peace so that the football dollars are secured for ESPN? The marriage of Dixie Dick and Bristol Conn. is one that hurts the BE. BE needs to broker a deal with CBS for the TV rights and allow the BE network to carry all BE games. The national exposure on Sat. and Sundays is better then having to deal with ESPN! Tired of ESPN selling out our conference for their own ends while BE gets hurt in football. ACC, Big 12 and SEC usually vote as a block and this seems to me to be collusion and if ESPN would cover that story, perhaps a playoff scenario in football would be the end result. Now the Dixie Dick wants to destroy the NCAA tournament by allowing 96 teams are you kidding me what a joke1


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