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Re:Re:Re:Duke deserved a 1 seed over Notre Dame
2011-3-14 15:31:54 Post by Oysterbar

I just don't quite understand what you guys were expecting. Notre Dame is a six loss team with the #9 RPI ... what about that says #1 seed? In the past five years do you know how many six loss teams were awarded a top seed? A: one (UNC 2007). And its RPI wasn't 9, it was 2.

I love all the chatter about how great the Big East is. For the past four years, everyone has been saying that the BE is the best conference, the BE has the best team, but when the BE has to play good teams from other conferences in March there tend to be A LOT of early exits (Georgetown and ND are classic bracket busters).

The Big East has sent either the most or second most teams to the tourney every year for a decade, but only has 2 National Championships to show for it, compare that with the ACCs 5 in the same decade. If I recall correctly, in 2008 the Big East sent the most teams (8), and not one of them made it to the final four ... not a good showing.

And then there's Notre Dame, which hasn't made it past the second round of the NCAA since 2003. In fact, ND wasn't even invited to the tourney in 2009, 2006, 2005, & 2004. Not exactly a stellar resume for a potential one seed.

Granted most of that's in the past, and the team should be evaluated on its resume as of today. I think ND is a GREAT team, and will probably make it to the Elite 8 (or further). But with 6 losses, #9 RPI, and a team known for its early exits, a 1 seed was not going to happen.

Best of luck to the Irish (that's always fun to say). I'll be pulling for them unless and until they play Duke.


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