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Re:Re:Duke deserved a 1 seed over Notre Dame
2011-3-14 14:25:58 Post by Nate22
You could argue this all day.

I could say Duke played as many tourney bound teams as the Big East is putting in the tourney alone. All of which ND played not to mention those teams from the non-conf schedule. Notre Dame wins that one.

I could say look at the final AP poll. ND is 3-0 against opponents that are in that top 10 and 2 of those were on the road. Duke only played UNC and lost the only TRUE road game in Chapel Hill. So Notre Dame wins that one.

If you look at the final AP poll how many teams on there did Duke play this season...3? How many did Notre Dame play. I can tell you this you need more than one hand not to mention they played half those teams multiple times.

I could say they both finished as conf. runner-up in the regular season but which conference was more crediable this year?

We could go round and round all day. RPI doesnt mean anything to me as a fan. Look at UAB...good RPI...good team? Hell no. Unless you wanna count C-USA among the elite conferences in the country which I think I'll refrain from doing.


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