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Re:Duke deserved a 1 seed over Notre Dame
2011-3-14 14:3:49 Post by Seamus O'Toole
Who cares about top 100 RPI? Teams in the 60-100 range don't get at large bids. Irrelevant.

lets count the good teams. Top 25.

Notre Dame 7 top 25 RPI wins.
Duke 3 top 25 RPI wins (2 against same team)

top 50
Notre Dame 11 wins
Duke 8 wins

top 10 wins on the road
Notre Dame--1

top 20 wins on the road/neutral
Notre Dame--3

Notre Dame has a win vs St John's, the middle of the pack BE team Duke got shellacked by

half the stats cited by Oysterbreath are for the same TWO games (vs UNC at home and in the meaningless conf tourney). Duke is literally living off those two wins, as nothing else on their resume jumps out as particularly impressive. And in fact, UNC only became highly ranked because they BEAT the overranked Dukies. So both teams are living off their reputations by beating each other.

Once again, Duke steals something they don't deserve based on reputation alone. Its a vicious circle which just keeps feeding itself.


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