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Re:Re:Re:Wow, does Kansas have a lame resume or what?
2011-3-13 13:12:47 Post by jhawk11
Please give us Marquette! last time we played them in the tourney we pasted them 94 to 61 in the final four! and ND, please dont even get me started. when they win a national championship you can talk about how good they are. Ku has 5 championships...wanna borrow a trophy? and oh wait they have won the championship more recently than any BE team. dont talk s*** when ND hasnt done anything on the big stage to back it up. congrats on being the 1st loser in the BE this year. KU won theirs outright and the conference tourney. weve won the Big 12 7 straight years now. ND has no idea what that is like and never will. dont give me that...oh the BE is so much better thats why. excuses are like a**holes, everyone has one and they stink.


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