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Re:Re:Wow, does Kansas have a lame resume or what?
2011-3-13 10:3:20 Post by Seamus O'Toole
Be careful what you wish for jcrock. You just might get your wish facing a Marquette team in a 1 v 8 or 9 matchup and you will be regretting those words. Marquette is a quality team that played a brutal schedule and can beat any team in the nation. The fact that you are making fun of ND for losing to Marquette on the road shows what a crock you are jcrock. Marquette is a rivalry game, its probably Marquette's biggest game of the year, they are old independent Catholic rivals. Second, ND lost at Marquette when they were without their best inside player Carleton Scott. Third, when you play 17-18 top 50 games, the odds are that you will lose a few. That is how tough the BE is. KU wouldn't know anything about a tough schedule, you get to play the football school B12. KU had 1-2 big wins this year. Whoopeee! If they played in the BE and had to play a top 25 team every week, they would be lucky to be over .500 in the BE. You guys are probably overjoyed Northern Iowa is not in the tourney this year. Bwaaaaaaahhhaaaaahhhhaaaaaa.


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