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Re:Wow, does Kansas have a lame resume or what?
2011-3-11 12:28:18 Post by jhawk
Hey O'Toole, Notre Dame A) lost to the #62 RPI team in the country by 20+ points, 2) has a SOS that is 10+ behind KU's, 3) has 3 more losses than KU. KU has the #1 offense in the country statistically and a top 10 defense. Very funny that you make the argument that KU can't defend their home court when they've only lost 1 game in Lawrence since 2007. Bill Self has as many Big XII championships as he does home losses in his KU career and you're telling me that KU can't defend their home court??? what a joke. No objective person would ever put ND ahead of KU this year. No argument can be made. I hope KU gets to play a couple Big East teams in the tourney so we can put this nonsense to bed...


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