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Wow, does Kansas have a lame resume or what?
2011-3-7 1:7:59 Post by Seamus O'Toole
If it wasn't for Kansas St putting a little run on at the end of the season, Kansas would have exactly ONE signature (ie top 25 win) ALL YEAR. vs Arizona. That is it. No top 10 wins. No real significant road wins. A major loss at home. Meanwhile, ND has SEVEN top 25 wins, including 3 wins vs top 10 teams at the time they played them (Gtown, UConn, Pitt). They beat the #2 team Pitt AT PITT. They beat another top 10 caliber team on a neutral court (Wisconsin). They protected their home court and went undefeated at home. And they played in the rigorous BE conference where you have to lace em up vs a top 25 team every week.

What does Kansas have? Oh, they beat a decent Pac 10 team, Arizona. Whupeeee!!!!

Its a joke that Kansas is ranked ahead of Notre Dame, much less Pitt.

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