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Re:Big East vs ACC
2012-3-9 19:47:49 Post by Oysterbar
Your depth argument also is not based on the actual statistics of the tournaments. In the past 20 years, 3 ACC teams have won the NCAA tourney, but only 2 BE teams. Furthermore, in the past 20 years the ACC has won 8 NCAA Championships, whereas the BE has only won 4. Also, who can forget last years sweet 16: 3/4 ACC teams made it to the sweet 16, whereas only 2/11 BE teams. I'm struggling to find statistics which support your depth argument. Instead, all I'm finding is statistics which show the BE to be CONSISTENTLY overrated.

Lastly, as an update, the BE is currently 0 - 8 against non-conference top 15 RPI teams. Pathetic.


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