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Re:Re:Re:Watch Duke get a #1 seed again
2012-2-24 6:39:39 Post by Oysterbar
If the Big East is so awesome, why do they have 0 non-conference top 10 RPI wins? In fact, out of all 16 Big East teams not one of them has been able to win against a top 15 RPI non-conference team. There are plenty of examples of Big East teams losing to out of conference top 10 RPI teams. (WV L to Baylor; Gtown L to Kansas; ND L to Mizz; Lville L to Kentucky; the list goes on). I believe the Big East is 0 - 9 against out of conference top 15 RPI teams.

In case you didn't notice, Duke is 3 - 1 against non-conference top 10.


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