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Re:Re:Re:Watch Duke get a #1 seed again
2012-2-23 13:58:42 Post by bartman1999
That is not Duke's fault that the ACC is not as good as it once was. We will get to see in a few years with Pitt and Syracuse joining. But for now in the real world we live in (where it is very easy to speculate how one team would do in another conference...but very hard to prove) Duke is having a pretty good year regardless of how anyone wants to belittle them. They have 4 wins against the top 9 teams in the RPI. 4...who has any more or even played that many. Michigan State who lost 2 of those match ups. Duke is deserving of a #1 seed and therefore will earn the right to play a game close to home (just like Kentucky will in Louisville). If CBS really wants the ratings, wouldn't UCLA or USC be better or someone from NY or Chicago? I think the CBS angle is a stretch. Isn't it more likely that Duke does deserve the #1 seed based on their season (wins over Michigan St (neutral), Kansas (neutral), at UNC, and Michigan (neutral)? Not a single home game listed there as a reminder.


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