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Atlantic 10
2007-1-4 15:2:52 Post by XUPAT
Xavier's SOS seems tops in A-10. Xavier also seems to be the top team. When XU was accepted into the A-10, there were 2 or 3 A-10 teams in the top 10. The (Xavier) Musketeers had to stretch to catch up. What has happened? No teams in the top 25! For the last several years, the A-10 seems on the verge of returning to previous glory. At the end of each year, the future looks very promising. But it is not happening. The possibilty exists that the A-10 will send only one team to NCAA tournament. If so this will be sad. The A-10 should always be solidly in the top 10 conferences, and aiming for the top 1/2 dozen. How do other A-10 fans feel?


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