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Re:A10 Semifinal make or break?
2009-3-2 11:4:54 Post by the professor 13
The scenario is not that out of the question...only because the A10 as a conference has an awful RPI (Ranked 8th). The committee can easily decide on only sending 2 teams from A10. All I am saying is that if we sweep you guys (regular season and A10 Tourney)and we finsih off the regular season ahead of you...then yes it will be tough for you guys to jump us. By the way the Marquette (team losing its wheels)victory is starting to fizzle out. They can easily lose to Pitt away and Syracuse which might have them out of the top 25 and bring down your RPI. Also, if this was to play out as described then we would be the hotter team going into NCCA Sunday.


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