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A-10 misery continues
2007-11-23 11:2:35 Post by sadfan
It is really hard to be an A-10 fan. Take URI for example. Whenever we have a big chance to win a big non-conference game we are always on the road (as are all A-10 teams for the most part). You don't see the power conference teams playing road games on A-10 courts.
URI lost a crucial game at BC. It appeared that refs made sure that BC won down the stretch. It was kind of obvious. You had to be there to understand it. I hate to have to say it because it implies cheating,however, every little thing went BC's way in the final 12 minutes. There is a lot of money power at stake so don't be fooled, that funny stuff seems to happen all the time. It's big business, just not as obvious as the WWF! Ensuring huge profits of the power conferences seems to have become as traditional as thanksgiving and Christmas. These conferences want to ensure they get more and more stuff in thier stockings! What alot of people fail to realize is the URI loss to BC all but assured a hard climb in the RPI for URI for the rest of the season no matter who they beat. You see, A-10 teams cannot afford to lose ANY games. The powers that be don't want to see A-10 teams do well either. There isn't any room for that!
Oh, and now we get to travel the Syracuse. Gee,I wonder who the referees will favor there! If we play Syracuse at home, we win! This would be so with BC because URI is definately the better team. URI is the best 82nd ranked team out there. The talent level is very good. At least we get PC at home. You can be sure the RAMS are looking to punish them but good. I'm sure the RI press will do everything they can to bolster their darling Friars. Some things will never change. I'm considering giving up basketball for figure skating.


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