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#2 seed2011-2-8 16:19:59dreamer
2009-2-25 10:57:42bigd
The WAC is not that weak.2009-2-24 0:37:59RPIID
boise is in better position2009-1-25 9:31:3justtest
2009-1-18 10:40:8bigd
it'll take some time2009-1-7 6:4:32bowsfan
we'll be back2008-12-7 10:33:49dhwarriors
wac is weak now2008-12-3 13:26:15bowsfan
wac this year2007-1-3 19:37:17dhwarriors
WAC is #12 now2005-12-31 20:24:9bowsfan
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