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RPI is still better than NET Ratings2019-1-28 16:38:38LSCram
Little ricky byrd170.202.222.1
Blackbirds?2012-11-23 13:32:20catontheprowl
2011-3-6 19:32:28Catinthahat
winthrop2010-12-20 16:27:13catontheprowl
Mississippi Valley State can do the following...2010-12-18 21:58:17Catinthahat
Jimmy?2010-12-18 5:21:57catontheprowl
Boston Can............2010-12-1 7:15:48RussR16
Jimmy?2010-11-23 16:22:48catontheprowl
Portland2010-11-21 19:20:50Catinthahat
Re:Jimmy2010-11-14 17:59:55catontheprowl
Jimmy2010-11-14 17:58:11catontheprowl
2010-11-13 15:38:52Catinthahat
good call2010-2-19 14:5:41alexanderryan
good call2010-2-16 13:59:32alexanderryan
darius to break slump2010-2-10 20:41:22catontheprowl
Vandy to win at Rupp???2010-1-31 8:27:29catontheprowl
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