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1 down-----15 to go2010-1-9 16:10:43catontheprowl
big cuz says2010-1-7 19:12:37catontheprowl
Fired Up Too!2010-1-5 5:9:18Catinthahat
Fired UP2010-1-3 11:31:55catontheprowl
RPI2009-12-25 12:6:34alexanderryan
rpi declining2009-1-4 20:12:52ncaasucks
The Future2009-1-4 7:47:46UKfan4ever
Re:RPI jumped after the win2008-12-14 19:4:10ritch
RPI jumped after the win2008-12-3 20:30:28wiltcats4u
Re:No Respect: Tubby2007-2-21 21:39:58ukfano3
No Respect: Tubby2007-2-19 4:39:46curtsig
Re:Re:Re:No Respect2007-2-6 14:37:28unity06
Re:Re:No Respect2007-2-6 14:28:23ukfano3
Re:No Respect2007-2-3 12:47:22johnmark
No Respect2007-2-1 20:59:6ukfano3
Re:AP Poll2007-1-14 12:11:8gocats
AP Poll2007-1-13 19:43:26maxhise
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