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Re:By the way....2016-3-20 20:1:17bistincta
OOPS NOT VCU!!2016-3-20 19:38:40bistincta
OH SEAMUS? WHERE ARE YOU?2016-3-20 17:23:32bistincta
Re:Re:Wow, does Kansas have a lame resume or what?2012-12-20 13:53:17ajgrowney
By the way...2012-2-28 10:26:24Seamus O'Toole
Re:Wow, does Kansas have a lame resume or what?2012-2-28 10:7:44Seamus O'Toole
Re:Re:Notre Dame is not better than Kansas2012-2-23 14:21:44jhawk
Whoops, replace Richmond with VCU2012-2-20 22:56:55Seamus O'Toole
Re:Re:Wow, does Kansas have a lame resume or what?2012-2-20 22:52:21Seamus O'Toole
KANSAS LOST TO A 12 SEED--LMFAO2012-2-20 22:45:47Seamus O'Toole
WHO GOT THE LAST LAUGH IDIOTS?2012-2-20 22:40:34Seamus O'Toole
HAHAHA2011-3-21 0:43:15jhawk11
wow???2011-3-15 15:37:4jhawk
Wow2011-3-15 15:7:13Seamus O'Toole
Re:By the way....2011-3-14 14:35:30jhawk
And who cares what happened last year?2011-3-14 14:17:52Seamus O'Toole
Re:By the way....2011-3-14 14:17:0jhawk
Booyaaa2011-3-14 14:14:23Seamus O'Toole
Re:I can't wait for Notre Dame to take down Kansas2011-3-14 14:7:13jhawk
Re:By the way....
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