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kink2u said:   Two teams dancing in 2012   2012-2-3 11:5:34
Wichita State and Creighton should be dancing in 2012. When was the last time the MVC had two teams in the NCAA tourney? 2007?
emiller123 said:   MVC   2011-1-9 15:13:56
We will be lucky to see more than the winner of the tournament to make the NCAA. Non-Conference play by the MVC has been against very weak teams this year. If the MVC wants more teams in the NCAA, schedule tougher non-conference teams. The only thing that the MVC has going positively is the Bracket Busters by ESPN and the Mountain West vs. Missouri Valley early in the year.
mmvs said:   best of the mid majors   2008-12-31 13:17:19
ok folks the mvc has finished 7th overall in the conferences in last few years. whenever a power in the league goes down, there's always another to replace them. they don't have a single power team..but a very good conference. not an acc or big east..they'll hold their own.
ncaasucks said:   not so strong this year   2008-12-28 20:22:12
hopefully, it'll get better
salukis said:   MVC - Power Conference Now!   2007-3-1 21:59:2
We're definitely a power conference now. Look at this link
Wikipedia College Basketball
danesch said:   Re:UNI in top 25   2007-1-22 10:51:48
THE VALLEY!!! That's what happened to Wichita State! In my oppinion, that's why our conference should be better respected. Don't get discouraged by losses within us... we are tough to beat. Especially at someone else's house. You gotta win at home though.

Wichita State is just as tough as they were before conference time. If they don't start wining from here on out though... their only shot to get invited to the dance will be wining the MVC Championship. And even then, if they only have 17-18 wins... they might not.
jdub22 said:   UNI in top 25   2007-1-9 12:35:25
If UNI wins 2 this week they should get into the top 25 next week. I'm a little disappointed with Wichita State this season. I think the Valley is tough but what happended to there powerful preseason start?
ncaasucks said:   Re:UNI Top 25??   2007-1-7 13:5:31
it'll at least get some votes in the polls. but as long as it keeps winning... The key all all MVC teams to get to top 25 now is to win on the road.

For example, if Shockers can win the next two road games (Missouri St. and Indiana St.)..
pantherfan2 said:   UNI Top 25??   2007-1-6 13:25:2
Will Northern Iowa jump into the Top 25 on Monday? They had kind of a weak showing out of conference but a 4-0 start, even if three are at home, definitely helps.
salukis said:   MVC rocks   2007-1-5 10:1:52
I think all the teams in MVC now knows how to beat the RPI system - scheduling beatable and quality teams is the key.
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