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rfhigby said:   Re:Confrence Fun Fact   2011-1-10 12:29:24
Pickle said:   hahaha   2010-1-27 9:7:45
Big East has been the best conf in BB for a few years now, this year being no exception
CrumsRevenge said:   Confrence Fun Fact   2010-1-26 9:16:57
01/26/10: Conferece OOC records vs Top 25: Big East is 12-9, ACC is 7-7, Big 12 is 7-8, Big 10 is 9-11, SEC is 6-10, Pac 10 is 2-13. Big East not overrated, in fact - it's the only conference with a winning record (add the fact that it has the most exposure in games as well).
PirateDave said:   Re:Way over rated this year.   2009-11-21 19:39:11
The Big East is off to a great start and may be the best conference. Seton Hall is one of the most improved teams in all of college basketball and should surprise many. Syracuse sure smashed UNC and that certainly doesn't happen often.
thrill44 said:   Way over rated this year.   2009-2-23 16:7:33
The Big East is over rated this year, the ACC and Big Ten clearly are the best this year.
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