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UCDee said:   FIX UCONNS WIN/LOSS   2020-1-21 20:29:33
They've only lost ONE game. Get it right.
UCDee said:   Re:RPI WRONG   2020-1-20 19:48:33
I saw that also.
UC FAN06 said:   RPI WRONG   2020-1-14 6:25:46
beedot45 said:   Merrimack WBB   2020-1-11 7:6:31
RealTimeRPI shows Merrimack WBB in the "Nesat" Conference, therefore 0-0 in conference play. Merrimack is in the Neast Conference and is 1 and 2 in Conference play as of Saturday morning, 1/11/2020. How about fixing up their entry in your database.
dprex said:   Mistakes corrected   2019-12-10 15:42:35
Thank you.....
dprex said:   Re:Mistakes   2019-12-9 16:0:58
Sorry, typo...NO replys
dprex said:   Mistakes   2019-12-9 16:0:9
Does anyone actually work here? No repays or answers on why the mistakes are being brought to RPI's attention but no response whatsoever. I will cancel this membership if the corrections are not is of no use if the scores and/or game winners are WRONG!!!
5038180041 said:   Re:4 mistakes   2019-12-9 10:9:0
Really scrambles numbers when games are misreported. Louisville is 9-1 Not 8-2!!
Bird said:   4 mistakes   2019-12-6 9:38:41
I've sent messages to RealTimeRPI under 'report offensive comments' because that is the only way I could find to contact them. But that has failed as RealTimeRPI continues to post wrong outcomes for the four games I informed them about.
I just registered to post today and I see that I am not alone among other WBB fans who are experiencing the same frustrations with WBB RealTime RPI. They get the score correct but they have the wrong winner.
Here are the four games I have found with mistakes:
1) Gonzaga beat Dayton
2) SouthDakotaState beat Notre Dame
3) Baylor beat Indiana
4) Louisville beat Oklahoma State
dprex said:   MISTAKE   2019-12-4 18:50:21
Georgia Lady Dogs BEAT Butler 69-36....repeat Georgia won not Butler
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