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snevets1 said:    American Athletic Conference   2019-2-7 21:58:22
Your list of Conferences does not have the AAC American Athletic Conference.

Also, Wichita State is in its second year in the conference but you do not show their conference record in your ranking list
AGENT008 said:   WRONG RECORD   2018-11-25 1:56:56
Mississippi is 3-2. You have that they lost to Baylor and they beat Baylor.
daddis1 said:   MSU-Texas Wrong   2018-11-24 10:28:25
Michigan State beat Texas. It is currently scored as the opposite.
rfmoldaner said:   Tulane-So Dakota State result wrong.   2018-11-19 20:21:0
Tulane won the game 84-80. Its marked as a loss.
Squeegee777 said:   Jpalermo   2018-2-10 17:22:0
On St. Bonaventure's schedule the February 27 game against Davidson is shown as being at Davidson, with the Bonnies projected to lose by 2 points. This game is, in fact, being played at St. Bonaventure, which should be projected as a win for St. Bona. This would alter their projected win-loss record from 21-9 to 22-8.
bsa193 said:   What does SOS stand for?   2017-3-13 9:17:52
striker14 said:   NJIT   2015-12-18 20:0:1
For this season NJIT joined the Atlantic Sun Conference. There are no more independents.
dreamer said:   MWC is down this year   2015-2-19 8:54:30
It will be stretch to have two teams in the NCAA tournament.
wybrit said:   Wyoming won at CSU   2015-1-8 20:35:14
Another error in a Wyoming game. Wyoming won at CSU 60-54 on 1/7/15. 3-0 MWC, 12-2 in Div 1 games.
eliotbailey said:   Incorrect Score/Game Outcome   2015-1-5 17:30:13
Hi, you have an incorrect score and winner recorded for the Men's Idaho State vs.Idaho game. You have inadvertently put the women's score in for the men's game.

The University of Idaho won the game.

Thanks for looking into this!
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