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bsa193 said:   What does SOS stand for?   2017-3-13 9:17:52
striker14 said:   NJIT   2015-12-18 20:0:1
For this season NJIT joined the Atlantic Sun Conference. There are no more independents.
dreamer said:   MWC is down this year   2015-2-19 8:54:30
It will be stretch to have two teams in the NCAA tournament.
wybrit said:   Wyoming won at CSU   2015-1-8 20:35:14
Another error in a Wyoming game. Wyoming won at CSU 60-54 on 1/7/15. 3-0 MWC, 12-2 in Div 1 games.
eliotbailey said:   Incorrect Score/Game Outcome   2015-1-5 17:30:13
Hi, you have an incorrect score and winner recorded for the Men's Idaho State vs.Idaho game. You have inadvertently put the women's score in for the men's game.

The University of Idaho won the game.

Thanks for looking into this!
wybrit said:   Re:UNLV at Wyoming result wrong   2015-1-1 16:40:54
Sorry, UNLV only 8-4
wybrit said:   UNLV at Wyoming result wrong   2015-1-1 16:32:37
Wyoming beat UNLV 76-71 on Dec 31, 2014. You have this result reflected in your standings incorrectly. Wyo is 10-2 vs. Div 1 and UNLV is 9-4.
minutefan said:   Errors on this site   2014-12-8 11:8:29
First of all you have UMass losing to Florida State by 28 when in fact UMass won by 6. I assume your stats are erroneously based on this.

Also you still have Charlotte, Temple and Xavier in the A10. They are gone and have been replaced by George Mason and Davidson.
Winzenried89 said:   Missing Toledo game   2014-11-18 13:36:32
Toledo win against Northern Arizona is not on the schedule and Toledo is listed as 0-0 for some reason.
DRob said:   Errors in record & results   2014-2-27 15:20:13
I've tried the "contact" link twice to report this but heard nothing back and the error still exists.

The game on 01-11-2014 between Montana and Portland State (@Portland state) is incorrectly recorded as a win by Montana. Montana actually lost that game in overtime. Check ESPN and the team sites to verify that.

This error is causing both teams to have the wrong record displayed and throwing off their RPIs.
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