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guerino said:   Davidson   2016-2-22 11:45:38
To the webmaster:

The Realtime RPI site doesn't seem to recognize that Davidson is an Atlantic 10 team. When you click on the A10 from the main conference page, they always appear at the bottom of the list of teams regardless of their RPI. For example they are no. 60 today and should be in the 6h spot in the list but they are at the bottom. Also, their conference record is always stated as 0-0 and the other conference records for the other teams do not reflect their games against Davidson. I just wanted to bring that to someone's attention to hopefully get it fixed.

Thank you.
John said:   VCU   2012-11-26 11:1:49
VCU mens record is 3 and 3...not 4 and 3.
XavierOR said:   Flyers are top in the A10   2011-1-4 12:23:8
Wins against UNM, GMU, Old Miss, Seton Hall.....look out.
SpiderStew1962 said:   Richmond and Temple are locks   2010-12-18 10:17:39
I'd say, Richmond and Temple are locks for the big dance, with Xavier and Rhode Island on the bubble. After that, Umass and Lasalle. But we got a long way to go and A10 teams beat each other up once January gets here!
SLU U2 said:   slu gets in!   2010-2-16 14:12:55
with 2 top 50 wins plus 2 more and we be dancin'
CountZero said:   Four   2010-2-9 10:25:35
I think four is pretty realistic as it stands right now...and it would be a tough call on which four. Temple is in the driver's seat -- then URI would probably be #2, then Xavier and Richmond.

But the gap between #2 (URI) and #6 (Charlotte) is very, very small. Both Dayton and Charlotte are very close and it's all going to depend on how the rest of the A-10 season and tournament play out.

There's a small outside chance they could get five teams in, IMO.
jjm109 said:   time for a-10 basketball   2010-2-8 17:48:24
Right now the A-10 has 4 teams in the top 33. If they continue like this shouldn't the A-10 get these 4 teams in the tournament this year? Conference is a lot better top to bottom than they get credit for.
basrjc said:   a-10   2009-12-22 10:57:16
well usually if top 40 you get in and right now have five top 40 and more important only Fordman is over is ashame they are in league
shockers said:   might have 3 teams    2009-3-13 22:6:48
might get 3 at-larges. what do you guys think?
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