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Mars said:   Interesting   2011-2-21 1:39:12

Funny to see the Mountain West ranked as stronger than the ACC this year with a more difficult Strength of Schedule.

BYU and SDSU being #2 and #3 in the RPI must help.
justtest said:   Re:Terps drop to 53 in RPI after beating Heels?   2009-2-24 20:22:39
Actually, look at the weekly change, terp's rpi jumped from 61 to 52 after beating heels. The current minor ranking drop was casued by other teams's performance.
RickyRico said:   Terps drop to 53 in RPI after beating Heels?   2009-2-24 19:29:2
Who's been toking on Michael Phelps's bong now? How does NC climb after losing to Maryland, and MD fall after beating a very exposed Carolina team? The Terps may be spotty at times, but after convincingly coming back on #3, they deserved a 10-12 rank boost. After they beat Duke Wed. nite, we'll see if the fix is in here at RPI. No doubt Dickie V and Billy Packer run the rankings here. GO TERPS!!
kramalot said:   Terps will lose all four remaining games?   2009-2-23 17:38:44
After beating UNC at home, why does the computer figure that MD will lose to Duke and Wake at home, and NC State and Virginia on the road, just because they lost a close game to Morgan State and lost two close games in Florida?
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