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fabby said:   At least there is one WIN already this season...   2009-11-26 1:34:21
Fortunately the NJIT Men's basketball team won its first D1 game (56-51 over Wagner) since officially starting its first D1 season in Sep 2009 this year. That is on top of the victory over D3 St the record stands at D1: 1-2 (all divs: 2-2). Let's hope it would not be a repeat of last season....
fabby said:   Not trying to find excuse but D1 is still D1 teams normally do not win many   2009-11-16 22:49:59
I am not trying to find excuse for the terrible performance in the past two years.... but if you think about it, D1 is where the best high school basketball players head for.....and normally when the best competes against the best...there would be winners and losers....NJIT was the huge loser during its 2nd and 3rd seasons.... it however won its first two D1 games during its first season.... on the consolation side.....when it played its 1st D2 game (as a low-major team).... at least it blew away by 42 points.... (and gave its 7-8 freshmen 1st taste of victory).
thrill44 said:   Look at this.   2009-2-24 11:34:2
One win in almost a complete 2 years. N.J.I.T. though is still somehow staying in division 1 though. Who are the retards who choose this?! The only team that they should face in division 1 that is even close to their horribleness is Alcorn State, and even with facing them they probably still wouldn't win!!
pyjujiop said:   Just how low are the standards for D-1?   2008-2-20 23:42:42
I don't think NJIT would win very many games in Division II, let alone D-1. Surprised they didn't line up a game with Prairie View...might have been able to beat them!
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