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coolguy said:   Ganot   2016-1-1 8:41:30
He is going a fine job so far. Arnold's is a joke!
dreamer said:   great start   2010-11-16 8:34:15
it has been a while sine warriors starts at 3-0. go warriors!
coolguy said:   new promising season   2010-11-13 16:35:34
new coach, new attitude, let's get the bows rolling again!
bowsfan said:   Re:it's about time   2009-3-11 11:24:13
I think Nash should step down considering his contract will be expired soon
dhwarriors said:   Re:it's about time   2009-3-10 8:12:23
a total disappointment this season! let see what they can do tonight vs Fresno.
justtest said:   boise is in better postion    2009-1-25 9:29:20
apparently boise st. has a better chance to defeat Utah St., plus it's rpi is much better than Nevada.
bowsfan said:   Re:Re:it's about time   2009-1-11 10:23:32
most people predicted bows would be at the bottome.. . not too bad.
shaka said:   Re:it's about time   2008-12-14 10:8:20
Rod finally shows something that he can do - 37 points vs a quality E. Washington. He was hailed as Hawaii's best recruit in a decade comparable to AC Carter. Hopefully he can bring us back to post-season!
bowsfan said:   it's about time   2008-12-3 13:15:43
it's the 2nd season for nash. hopefully he can show something special to the fans...
dhwarriors said:   3 wins in a roll   2008-12-1 12:26:52
Great! hope bows have turned the corner. the closed games helps a lot.
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