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ajgrowney said:   Re:Re:good shot for NIT this year   2013-1-24 12:42:41
Haha funny because UNM is clearly the team of the Mtn West and are in contention for a 2 or 3 seed in the NCAA...and where's NMSU?
CIRivals said:   Re:good shot for NIT this year   2013-1-14 8:31:33
If they should be so lucky!

NMSU isn't about NIT's. least not in my eyes and I've been following Aggie basketball closely since 1968. They're about NCAA tournaments. 18 appearances, so far over the years.

NIT's are for UNM.

To me, it's NCAA...or bust.

ncaasucks said:   good shot for NIT this year   2006-12-29 15:52:17
the team is playing well lately, it could have a shot for NIT this year.
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