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Travelin said:   Surprise team in the SEC East   2010-12-12 3:39:12
Gamecocks. They are creeping up the rpi rankings. I see them finishing 3rd in the east this year which will get the in The Big Dance.
coldbeer said:   Re:where is everyone?   2010-3-7 11:44:29
Living in Rock Hill and seeing what Marshall did for Winthrop (they are dancing again), I would like to see the Shockers take it.
CRVol said:   Once Downey leaves, I can't wait to see how bad of a coach Horn    2010-2-9 14:12:10
really's going to be fun to watch.
AMMostella said:      2009-3-14 17:10:7
well were headed to nit cuz carolina couldnt win when had to
shockers said:   where is everyone?   2009-3-13 13:34:41
what do you guys think about the game today?
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