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dreamer said:   completely ignored by the committe   2010-3-15 17:0:14
I can't believe it. even Minnesota got it. Bulldogs deserve the bid better than Minnesota...
CRVol said:   Hey FLUFFY....ROTFL!!!!!!!!   2010-3-7 10:55:54
Pearl is undefeated in Cowville!!!!!!!!!! Like I said, Swiss State is going to the NIT...I guess we are lucky to be .500 in the SEC!!! 11-5! Stansbury is a nice guy, I hope he stays there a LONG TIME!!!!!!
CRVol said:   Like I said...have fun in the NIT   2010-2-17 12:57:46
Swiss State!!!!!!! Last time I checked, 6-4 was above .500 in the SEC. LOL!!!!!
PluffyPluggs said:   Re:Sorry Swiss State...your pathetic scheduling habits   2010-2-12 9:33:22
We'll see. You're probably just still mad about us bouncing you from the SEC Tournament last year. I'd be mad too if I was a Vol. You'll be lucky to finish above .500 in the SEC. Couldn't even beat UGA. Maybe you can at least keep the rest of your players out of jail.
CRVol said:   Sorry Swiss State...your pathetic scheduling habits   2010-2-9 14:11:8
are going to catch up to you this year. Have fun in the NIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geb66 said:   3 pointers   2009-12-13 0:13:35
When Reik, and if Sydney get into the mix, will we still be taking a hundred 3's a game? Also, today's win over ucla hurt our rpi which is interesting.
justtest said:   winnable game tomorrow   2009-3-14 20:55:9
tomorrow's game vs Tennessee is definitely winnable game. the big dance is within the reach of bulldogs!
bulldogs said:   Re:SEC down year???   2009-3-14 11:29:19
well, bulldogs may still have a chance in the big dance. You never know!
woodestock said:   SEC down year???   2009-3-14 8:24:5
Is the SEC is having a down year? Arkansas, a team that went 2-14 in league play, beat Oklahoma and Texas from the big 12. I think the SEC is getting the shaft from ESPN and other news media. If state doesnt make the NCAA I just hope we get to play Penn State in the first round of the NIT or any other "bubble" team.
ncaasucks said:   great 3-game winning streak   2009-3-13 13:24:24
let's keep going!
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