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festschrift said:   Wrong score   2014-2-7 9:5:13
Alabama lost to Auburn 74-55. That's the wrong score to mess up.
jschneck28 said:   heartbreaking loss!   2013-2-24 8:51:6
I still haven't recovered from yesterday's 3OT loss at LSU in which BAMA surrendered a 10 point lead with under 3 minutes to play. Now they have no room for error and almost have to win at UF for the selection committee to take them seriously. Sucks!
jschneck28 said:   Western AL   2013-2-19 7:55:22
I believe the site omits AL's win against Western AL due to Western AL not being apart of Div I Basketball... Nonetheless, I agree with you crimson, if we win out in all games except UF we should be in without question. What I don't understand is Nova being in at the moment considering we beat them by 20 on a neutral court? I know they beat UL and SU at home, but who's to say AL couldn't beat those teams at home as well.
crimson2712 said:   Re:Inconsistent Record   2013-2-18 11:36:48
yeah i agree there seems to be some haters out there...alabama is 2nd in the sec at 17-8, 9-3. if we can knock off ole miss and beat who we should beat, than losing to florida should be okay
Bammer ball said:   Inconsistent Record   2013-2-16 18:36:27
Anyone know why this site shows Alabama with one less victory than any other media outlet. Every site I've looked at shows Alabama at 17-8 after Sat 2/16. This site has them at 16-8. They're omitting a game in November.
jschneck28 said:   Bubblicious   2013-2-11 11:13:38
Another year, another Tide team squarely on the bubble. Grrrr seems to happen every year now! Hopefully they can win at UF or at Miss to improve their shot. 3 bad home losses and losing at AU doesn't help though.
jschneck28 said:   YES!!!!!   2012-2-27 8:34:1
The Tide is ROLLING now baby!
jschneck28 said:   C'mon Bama...   2012-1-27 8:56:25
After 4 straight loses, 1 unexplainable to South Carolina, Bama's RPI has plummeted from 15 to 39! 2 weeks ago they looked like a lock for the tourney, now they're barely hanging on to the bubble. The selection committee needs to reavaluate their system. Bama goes 12-4 in the SEC last year and gets snubbed. They're only 2-4 this year and they got a shot. I'm tired of the so much emphasis on non-conference wins. Its tough to win 12 games in the SEC!
jschneck28 said:   The Tigers suck!   2011-3-9 7:54:11
He's just jealous his basketball team his absolutely pathetic and his football team HAD TO CHEAT WIN A NAT'L CHAMPIONSHIP, unlike the Tide a year earlier who did it with legit players!
bravesfan34 said:   Roll Tide Baby   2011-3-5 16:43:26
Great win today over Georgia. By the way, I find it funny an auburn fan says the Tide stinks. Especially after the Tide beat auburn both times this year and especially since the barn is 10-19. Once again auburn fans showing their intelligence, or their lack of.
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