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Jfljoe said:      2011-2-26 17:44:42
If you can't tell the difference between 2009 and 2011, you really have no business turning on your computer.
daasax said:   Re:Re:Testing The Service   2011-2-21 0:56:44
If you cant tell the difference between Zona and ASU, then you have no business posting your opinion. ASU is last in the conference
justtest said:   Re:Testing The Service   2009-3-13 15:15:12
washington, UCLA, Arizona St. should be locks. the committee will pick one between California and USC. If USC beats UCLA and goes to the final, they should go.
gousa said:   #3 seed?   2009-3-13 14:40:18
this should be easy! but let's take care devils first!
borderhousereacher said:   Testing The Service   2008-3-5 12:6:34
I do not know if the service is so new there are no posts OR if my setup just sees nothing.

Topic: Pac Ten Tournament

Which teams from the central group, 4 to 9, have the best chances to advance?
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