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ckrugman2 said:   REALLY?!   2014-1-17 19:35:4
18-0, FOUR Final Fours, a National Title, perennial hoops powerhouse, and STILL you disgrace Arizona and their fans with "Arizona State"? Bad form.
Mars said:   PAC-10 Champs!   2011-3-12 2:23:59
Congrats to Arizona, your 2011 PAC-10 Champions!

It's hard to believe that BYU beat UofA by 22 points this season.
justtest said:   the win vs Kansas   2009-3-15 15:36:58
this game made a huge difference for the cats. I think this is the main reason they got picked!
gocats said:   disappointing late-season slump   2009-3-10 14:50:14
now has to settle for NIT. what a shame!
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