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drawgud said:   LMAO Jimmer   2013-1-14 7:50:14
how's that weak schedule in your "new" conference? Good thing you have Gonzaga in there or you guys would be up sh#t creek.
I'm sure you all wish you were still in the MWC, second best conf in the nation this year, top to bottom.
Dieheart said:   Re:The Jimmer for 52!   2011-11-6 15:14:57
Jimmer, You are an excellent standup comedian, however sit down your embarrassing yourself by your ignorance.

One game maybe considered an off game, but you all got beat twice and on your on court.We make no excuses for games we lose. We just come back and kick A$$. We'll see where you end up this year. As for your conference and team.

PS Don't forget post back at the end of the season.
Mars said:   The Jimmer for 52!   2011-3-11 23:45:19

Sorry for the payback Lobos, but BYU can't play their worst game of the year against you every time.

Enjoy the NIT.

Oh yeah, and enjoy the MWC. Wish us, Utah, and TCU good luck. Have fun with Boise, Fresno, Reno, and the Rainbow warriors. Help them find the Mtn. channel on their tv.
zcase said:   Re:Posers   2010-3-12 11:50:10
Ps. Scroll up. See all those dollar signs up there? Know what those stand for? QUALITY WINS! How many of those does your team have on their page?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Probably quite a few question marks, though, right? Lol
zcase said:   Re:Posers   2010-3-12 11:7:5
Haha. That post is hilarious. Iowa is the "big boys", huh? You're right, such a great college basketball tradition at Iowa. Fact is, none of iowas coaches EVER had real success until they left Iowa for a school that actually cares about basketball and provided them with what they needed to run a successful program. Lute Olson is a perfect example of this. Even alfords kids are talking about how they like Albuquerque way more than Iowa, because in iowa people care about football, not basketball. They compare the attention that high school and college basketball get in Albuquerque to the attention it gets in Indiana. When Alford coached at Iowa he never even had his own weight room or practice facility. Hawkeye basketball, now that's the real joke. Just because your team is back where it belongs since Alford left, the basement of the big ten, doesn't justify you coming on here and trashing what Alford and these players have done here. I'm sorry you have always had a weak basketball program that gets no support, but we support our program here. Why don't you spend your time lobbying to get the proper facilities at your school so you can keep a good coach, rather than wasting time trashing our national coach of the year candidate. Jealousy and hatred aren't gonna get you very far in life, but I shouldn't have to tell you that. That's something your momma and daddy shoulda taught you.

At least get your program into the cbi before you start trashing a possible 2 or 3 seed in the NCAA. Lol.

Peace hater
matteoza said:   Posers   2010-3-12 8:30:10
Your team and your conference are a joke. I can't wait to watch them get bounced out in the tournament, just like what happens to BYU every year. Steve Alford couldn't cut it against the big boys so he ran out West to rack up Ws against the trash of college basketball.
ROHOLOBO said:   JT, NO Fredette = LOSS!!WINERS!   2010-2-28 10:16:42
Tavernari showed cougar fans what he is made of .Fact!Without Fredette BYU has shown that Emery and Cummard cant step up when needeed. Unlike LOBOS when needed have found ways to to win with or without Hobson or Gary. So get ready whoever wins this week( UNLV-Byu) will play in semi- final game in MWC in vegas.So lets see how Cougars will do. This will Be re-palyed in Vegas! Them Gues what only #1 spot will be filled by YES, LOBOs. Hopefully we will see Rose, and his baby cry JT ones more for a Final MWC Championship! Ones and for all shut dis-respectful MWC fans up. Support your #1 MWC Champs in NCAA. be a proud winner and not a SORE LOOSER!!!
magonzo said:   6 - 0 Baby   2010-2-28 7:18:45
6 - 0 against ranked teams, not too shabby for the year. 27-3 now, maybe 28-3 hopefully, 3 seed in the big dance? We will see if the idiots can look past the east coast is everything mindset. Great job Lobos!!
magonzo said:   WTF   2010-2-24 15:3:12
How is T-A&M a 3-seed and NM Lobos a 5-seed??? Get your east-coast minded crap together. 5-0 against ranked teams including T-A&M in Houston. What a Load!!
avonight said:   Re:2 on the road   2010-2-22 12:13:8
BIG week for the LOBOS...a pair of wins against CSU & BYU locks up MWC regular season title, very optimistic going into Marriot Ctr. this year unlike years past and coming out w/the victory. Great Season for our young LOBOS...and it's only the beginning!
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