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stan said:   Bulldog's Dilemma   2010-2-9 8:45:6
One ongoing issue to confront Butler, which will get more pronounced going forward, is the RPI weakness of the Horizon league, currently it is the 14th ranked conference and is being held up by Butlers high RPI. There are a couple perennial doormats at the bottom with RPI's around 42. The league should consider getting rid of those two and expanding to 12 teams in a six and six divisional format and adding 4 more competitive programs in the Midwest to the conference. There are a number that come to mind, with the top heavy Big East RPI's, Depaul and Notre Dame might consider an entry and St. Louis and Dayton might find such a switch an improvement to their current alignment. Those few moves would increase the Horizon RPI to 54 and make it the 8th or 9th RPI ranked conference. There are other schools out there that would accomplish the same thing, Western Kentucky, Bradley and others migh be candidates. Its a tough thing to do but the league needs to think about it's future.
Monz said:   Awesome flops in the 12/6/08 CSU game!   2008-12-9 1:7:25
Keep up the great work, Dawgs!
gatorheart said:   This is the best team in the team's history   2006-12-29 14:0:33
bulldogs' fans, this is the moment we've been waiting for.... the dream team, period!
kyduncan said:   Re:Butler's Greatest Start!   2006-11-30 8:29:38
It's an insult Butler's only ranked #18 in the polls after all those wins. No team in the country has won against that kind of competition. They should be in the top 10.

Ozymandius60 said:   Butler's Greatest Start!   2006-11-30 3:26:7
What an amazing start to the season! After four incredible wins to be NIT champs, the Bulldogs flew home on a charter in the middle of the night to play a strong Kent St. team a few hours later. Somehow, they won in double-overtime, which given the circumstances was as impressive as any of their tournament wins. Here's to a great year--GO BULLDOGS!
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