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waromer1 said:      2012-1-2 15:45:8
Dayton will be a good test
Eragon said:   The Cale usually go against the bills   2010-2-17 19:56:28
If you look at any of the games the bills have plaed, you'll see that the calls usuall go against the bills. If they went for rhode island in this game, it would be a first.
nicky7 said:   Rams snake bitten   2010-2-16 16:55:4
If you look at tapes of the Rams' key losess, ie. Temple and Richmond at home, it is clear the powers that be don't want URI winning any big games,especially with that particuluar referee crew that was present in both of those games. With a coach like Majerus, and a city like St. Louis, the calls will definately go the Billikins' way. URI is all through, as usual
SLU U2 said:   2 top 50 wins...2 more and we're in!   2010-2-16 13:59:18
You gotta believe we control our on destiny!
bilikens said:   lots not get to excited   2006-2-8 18:25:56
5 wins against teams with rpi's greater than 200
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