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gousa said:   Re:dumbfounded   2011-2-6 15:59:59
well, as of today, not a simple sec team in top 10.
cardsfan said:   dumbfounded   2011-2-4 13:29:16
I was checking out the rpi rankings and cant believe how many sec teams are in top 10...sec??? sec strength is terrible . I only saw a few big east teams and the big east conf is the toughest with 16 teams and 12 of them are great teams...hmmm rpi must be ran by sec alumni's just like espn lol
coolguy said:   win the remaining 3!   2010-2-24 15:34:5
we go dance for sure!
pelle said:   Go hard   2010-2-5 5:38:35
justtest said:   great win @ Syracuse   2009-1-25 13:0:1
this gives us great momentum plus a jump in RPI
UK_SUX said:   Re:NIT   2007-2-24 11:40:35
Do you think Tubby will still have his job next season? ROTFLMAO!
aaaa said:   Re:U of L record as of 1/29/07 is 15-6, not 14-6 as shown.   2007-2-5 21:27:2
U R an idiot as division 2 wins don't exactly count. just fyi
kyblu1 said:   NIT   2007-2-5 10:23:17
Think Cards can get invite to NIT ?
NightowlKY said:   U of L record as of 1/29/07 is 15-6, not 14-6 as shown.   2007-1-29 7:31:26
Just an fyi.
gousa said:   Re:Go Cards   2006-2-23 15:16:17
the remaining three games are all very tought. we'll probably have better shot against Marquette.
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