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ODUDrunkard13 said:   Error   2015-1-10 13:45:8
So, according to RealTimeRPI, ODU lost to Marshall and has a record of 12-2. Welp, that's wrong. They beat the Herd handily and are now 13-1. Check it:
fmrick said:   Harder from here   2013-11-24 6:44:45
Congrats on the four wins against teams that combined have not won a game. It gets harder from here an out. Good to see Jones doing something. When you are less than ZERO, ZERO starts looking pretty good.
Brewski333 said:   ODU Dancing!   2011-3-9 17:11:0
ODU beats their arch rival VCU to get a number 8 seed in Charlotte (I hope)!
Now its time to take two teams by surprise and make it to the Sweet 16! Then, who knows? With Franks muscle, Kents magic, Bens defense, Chris' help scoring, Darius' leadership, and the deep bench we will be successful in the tournament. Coach Blaine has taken this team far!
I am enjoying the ride!
misterjoey said:   Going nowhere   2011-1-13 18:26:32
ODU is going nowhere fast if they can't shoot 3's
coolguy said:   great prediction by GAMER   2010-3-18 11:23:48
what a game! 2nd round, baby!
MonarchManiac101 said:   Big Sam Harris   2007-12-5 7:2:18
Sam has found new life. At seven foot three inches he's now become more mobile and a real threat on defense, blocking shot after shot. Coming down the lane against the monarchs, shots will be altered or blocked. He's a monster in the lane. Beware of bigsamharris!
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