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Mars said:   Compare   2011-2-21 1:18:6

Ohio State has two Top 25+1 RPI wins.

BYU has five Top 25+1 RPIs wins, a better RPI, a stronger SOS, and more road wins...
edjayhawk said:   Your Team   2011-2-20 7:52:5
Ohio State is a real fun team to watch. They have great chemistry with a nice blend of both athletic and fundamental players. Best starting five in America and that's coming from a KU fan. From what I've seen you do have a good chance in winning it all, nothing less then Final 4.
thrill44 said:   Michigan State win!   2009-3-14 14:20:5
With a 12 point win over MSU, we should get a much higher seed, and considering us playing Purdue next, we can win and get a REALLY high seed!!
Gonad said:   Now it's about seeding   2009-3-11 18:15:16
Figure beating Wisconsin on Friday is a 50-50 prospect, a loss there hangs us with a hairy 10-12 seed... With a win, and a near-certain defeat to Sparty the next day, we could wrangle a coveted 8-9 spot... Nothing like playing a ONE on the first weekend of the NCAA's... Certainly look forward to next season, assuming Turner or Mullins doesn't jump ship...
Gonad said:   Iowa is the key   2009-2-25 22:19:23
Winning there gets them in, no matter what... Assuming they lose at Purdue and beat Northwestern at home... Victories against Butler, Miami, and Notre Dame help the cause... Just hope they get it together by tournament time...
ernie said:   They will win   2009-2-25 8:53:41
They will definetly win at least two of there last four and will probaly win three and get into the tourney.
thrill44 said:   need 2 win the last ones   2009-2-24 11:23:57
we have gotta beat psu, purdue, iowa, and nw to get in 2 the dance in my thoughts!!!
thrill44 said:   need win all the last ones   2009-2-24 11:22:5
daveypurple said:   need 2 more!!!   2008-3-9 12:37:45
i think the bucks have to win at least 2 in indy to get to the big dance...they still have to overcoe that 4 game losing streak in the voters minds on selection sunday-their RPI is 48 right now...probably needs to get below 40 by the selection-i'm a big fan but if they go to the NIT instead i won't even watch it-that's the red-haired stepchild of father hoops!!!
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