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spartan78 said:   Re:Looks like we are, your not!   2010-1-18 9:59:53
Congrats. I was looking for you in Detroit at the Final Four, but I guess you didn't make it, huh? But enjoy your BTT semifinal victory since that means so much in the grand scheme of things! We'll just continue to carry the Big Ten in late March/April.
thrill44 said:   Looks like we are, your not!   2009-3-14 14:18:0
We just beat you by 12 in the Big Ten conference tourney semi-finals!! Hahaha!! GO BUCKS!!
Izzone said:   Izzone Rules! 2009 Ford Field!   2009-1-31 15:4:22
Just wanted to stop in here and give y'all a what's up on the Michigan State Spartoons!

Final Four bound! Detroit, here we come!
finalfouru said:   MSU vs Wisconsin   2007-3-3 7:42:44
For all of you Spartan fans, here is a great basketball website
It is like a craig's list format meaning it is not fancy but very informational
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